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Department of Statistics

On July 5th 2010, the statistics responsibility was transferred to St. Maarten in preparation for its new constitutional status which was successfully realized on October 10, 2010. The Department of Statistics (STAT), is the entity officially charged with the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical information for the new country St. Maarten. This task was formerly the responsibility of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of the former Netherlands Antilles.
The main legislation governing the functioning of the statistics authority include:

Our Growth

The St. Maarten Department of Statistics, has grown from a small staff of 2 persons to the current staff complement of 12. Critical to the development of the department and its ability to provide quality, relevant and consistent statistics is continued capacity building of its human resources and improvement of the statistical infrastructure.

Our Continuity

STAT's focus is on ensuring the continuity and advancement of statistics related to the economic, demographic, social and environmental status of the St. Maarten community. Statistical information is produced through censuses, inter-censal surveys and administrative sources. In order to carry out its mandate, STAT relies heavily on the participation of households and the business community during its survey activities.

Our Relationships

STAT continues to also forge lasting relationships with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors in order to facilitate the exchange of data and allow for more complete statistical services.